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The Emerald Heart Alchemy portal is an invitation to a journey. It begins in our modern world, where we too often feel anxious and exhausted, unsure of our path, and masking our true selves. It leads us on a treasure hunt back to our true selves, where we reclaim our inner power and authenticity, begin to embody our light, and experience ourselves as the Infinite Divine Beings that we truly are.

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Stepping Stones on the Journey

Overcome Anxiety

Learn to address anxiety from the point of view of body, mind and soul.


Move Beyond
Self Doubt

Reclaim your inner power and confidence.


Connect with Soul Guidance

Learn to work with spirit guides and access your Akashic record.

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Who is Lisa?

The Great Quest for Truth

Lisa sees her life as a quest, always wondering, learning and asking questions like: 'How can we truly heal?' and 'How can we live in a way that is fully expressed rather than limited and constricted?' She loves to explore, not only the outer world that we all share, but also the inner landscape of our experience, and beyond that to unseen realms we can all access. She is passionate about seeing life from the perspective of the soul's journey, and about helping us all to compassionately remember the Magnificent Truth of ourselves, and others.


Lisa has worked as a psychotherapist in private practice for 20 years. Her work has evolved from working at the level of the mind and emotions, to include modalities which allow her to work with clients from the bigger perspective of their unique soul's journey, so that they are able not only to make even more profound and lasting change in their lives, but to live a life of joy, fulfillment, and adventure!